Yes, Our Staff Is Vaccinated!

We're also still following all safety precautions during this time, including wearing masks. Our team will continue to do so until the mandates are over. 

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At Studio City Orthodontist, we take pride in helping teens and adults learn to smile with confidence. As the nation's first Invisalign-only practice, we focus first and foremost on providing personalized care that gives you the smile you've always dreamt of. But our services don't stop there; we also offer routine teeth cleaning, veneers, and more.

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Invisalign® uses a custom-made series of aligners created specifically for you using a digital 3D scanner called iTero. The aligner trays are made of virtually invisible plastic, are completely smooth, and fit perfectly over your teeth.

You will wear the aligners all of the time, except when you are eating and brushing, and they will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place. No metal brackets or wires needed.

Depending on the treatment plan, you may need Invisalign® attachments or IPR (interproximal reduction). All you have to do is put in a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks until your treatment is complete.

Invisalign® can treat gapped teeth, overbites, underbites, open bites, crowding, crossbites, and more. You can achieve that perfect smile without interfering with your life. It's that easy!

Things You Can't Do With Braces:

  • Floss and brush properly and with ease
  • Chew gum or eat popcorn, gummy bears, or anything else fun
  • Remove them
  • Play contact sports

A gorgeous smile is within reach when you choose Studio City Orthodontist as your trusted provider. Contact us today!

Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

We use only the most up-to-date equipment and techniques to ensure that the smile underneath the braces or aligners is whitened and beautiful. Our team has advanced experience and expertise in the field of teeth whitening to enhance any smile. So if you're looking to get rid of the stains or yellowness, let Studio City Orthodontist deliver the assistance you need.

Night Guards & Retainers


Night Guards & Retainers

Anyone can wake up without damaged teeth when they have the right night guard or retainer. If you've just finished your orthodontic care, Studio City Orthodontist will provide you with a fitted retainer that will hold your newly-aligned teeth in place. If you're trying to avoid grinding your teeth in the middle of the night, our team can mold your teeth and create a custom night guard just for you. That way, you always wake up with something to smile about!

Fast & Safe

Just one fast and convenient self-treatment session of 10 minutes per day can accelerate orthodontic tooth movement, allowing your teeth to become straighter more quickly.

The smart science built into the device is based on a clinically proven and safe technology that has been used in medicine for over 60 years and is documented in over 3,300 published articles.

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Diamond Plus Top 1% - Providers who treat over 400 patients per year.

Diamond - Providers who treat a minimum of 280 patients per year.
Platinum Plus - Providers who treat a minimum of 200 patients per year.
Platinum - Providers who treat a minimum of 130 patients per year.
Gold Plus - Providers who treat a minimum of 70 patients per year.
Gold - Providers who treat a minimum of 48 patients per year.
Silver - Providers who treat a minimum of 10 patients per year.

We're proud of being one of the Diamond Plus Top 1% Invisalign provider in the nation!

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